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Business growth
Like great chefs who view success as more than filling seats in their restaurants, purpose-driven advisors want their work to be far more significant than simply helping people grow wealth.
In addition to pursuing organic growth, many RIAs are looking for attractive opportunities to expand their business by acquiring or merging with other advisory firms.
The Experts Ask: Brian Church, CEO and Founder, Advisory DNA
The Experts Ask, Brad Wales, Founder, Transition To RIA
After partnering together for 16 years as financial consultants, Jason Drews and Anthony Vece of M25 Advisors decided that transitioning from a broker-dealer to an independent wealth management model would be a natural progression for the growth of their business.
For Jeremy Keil, founder and owner of Keil Financial Partners, one of the biggest benefits of being an independent financial advisor is the flexibility to create and try new approaches to manage, market and grow his business.
In our The Experts Ask series, wealth management experts tell us what we should be asking to stay ahead of opportunities and challenges.
Technology and efficiency
For advisors who choose to operate independently, the increasingly complex security landscape introduces new questions about how to best manage risk without creating an undue strain on the business
Built from scratch with advisor input, the advanced tool provides improved functionality, enhanced cybersecurity, and a single login.
Automation can yield a triple win for advisors by enabling them to work more efficiently, improve client service, and accelerate growth - but you can’t automate behavior.
Should operational efficiency be the overriding factor you consider when weighing the benefit of a technology investment?
With cyber attacks becoming ever more pervasive and sophisticated, failure to implement an effective strategy to secure sensitive client information could pose an existential threat to any advisor’s business.
The ways financial advisors advertise and promote their business have changed dramatically over the past several decades. Until recently, however, rules regulating how investment advisors promote their business had not kept pace with the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.
Purpose and generosity
At RISE, Thrivent Advisor Network advisors embraced this rejection of fear to form new peer relations, elevate how they deliver client value, and embrace fresh ideas for business growth. Check out our full recap of this year’s RISE!
Do you have a clearly defined purpose for your business? Are you making the impact you’d like to see in the world?
One of our most popular forums for advisor interaction is RISE, the annual conference that brings practice owners and staff together to explore industry trends and best practices for managing and growing their business.

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