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Saying no to fear - and yes to what's possible

What happens when you say no to fear instead of letting fear tell you to say no? As this year’s TAN RISE keynote speaker Andrew McCarthy shares – dispelling fear uncovers who you are, allows for connections, and reveals what you have to offer. It’s as true for the 80s celebrity heartthrob as it is for financial advisors today.

At RISE, Thrivent Advisor Network advisors embraced this rejection of fear to form new peer relations, elevate how they deliver client value, and embrace fresh ideas for business growth. Check out our full recap of this year’s RISE!

andrew speaks on stage
Andrew McCarthy presenting the TAN RISE keynote.
RISE at a glance

tan rise stats
Connecting through a charitable cause

Giving back is what brings our TAN advisor community together to form connections. At the charitable 80s throwback evening – filled with neon-colored outfits, arcade games, and fearless A-for-effort karaoke, RISE attendees helped raise $18,240 for three non-profit organizations! Our RISE donation also helped serve 100,000 meals for healthcare workers and first responders via California Love Drop, a non-profit founded by Wing Lam, owner of SoCal taco empire Wahoo’s! A big thank you to all our attendees for participating in the donation raffle. Winners included:

4 people in 80s outfit smiling
Mike Larriva, Kevin Webb, Alicia Webb, and Kristin Eng at the 80s social evening.
Putting with peers

Out on Waldorf Astoria’s gorgeous botanical lawns, attendees also formed connections in a friendly golf tournament. Eight groups vied for the TAN RISE Grand Slam title, but it was the team of Corey Schmidt (IntentGen Financial Partners), Ben Johnson (Cedar Cove Wealth Partners), Anthony Vece (M25 Advisors), and Nathan Schmidt (Perspective Planning Partners) that prevailed. Congrats!

two men in golf cart smiling
Nick Cecere, Thrivent - VP, Chief Distribution Officer and Jon Hoyme of Awaken Wealth Partners head out to the golf course.
Advisor voices to elevate the client experience

With 80% of TAN affiliated businesses in attendance, ideas and practices were diverse and abundant on how to deliver exceptional client experiences. IntentGen Financial Partners took the stage in a peer panel discussion to share their story of growing client value and explored:

  • Creating a culture of growth for employees
  • Offering “summer hours” and individualized advancement tracks
  • Openly recognizing colleagues for exhibiting team core value

When business teams feel valued where they work, they deliver stronger client experiences.

4 people on stage
Jacob Schatz, Ashley Shields, Zac Larson, and Corey Schmidt of IntentGen Financial Partners take the stage for a peer discussion panel on evolving the client experience.
Fresh perspectives for business growth

You don’t need to be a therapist to use therapeutic language.
Dr. Sonya Lutter, Phd, CFT, LMFT, Professor of Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University
referring to the practice of advisors speaking with clients to better understand how they think about financial decisions.

TAN’s strategic partners offered new ideas and challenged conventional ways for financial advisors to think about business growth, discussing several growth topics:

  • The role of advisors in establishing peership between family members to plan around generational wealth intimacy.
  • How artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and others can help advisors fast-track their marketing maturity and strategy.
Rejecting fear means being in the moment

As attendees embraced “being in the moment” at this year’s RISE, the three days of peer connections concluded with a twilight fiesta dinner immersed in Orange County’s cultural heritage of San Juan Capistrano’s Spanish founders.

people sitting at a dinner table
Attendees close out the week with a fiesta dinner.
four women in spanish cultural outfits dancing
Dancers perform a “Fiesta de las Golondrinas” (Festival of the Swallow) dance.

Thank you to all our RISE attendees and strategic partners for an unforgettable event! We hope it was energizing and inspirational. And for all financial advisors – to keep in mind the possibilities for new connections and affirmation of what you can truly offer when you say no to fear.