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Webcast: The people side of dealmaking

When firms come to the table to discuss mergers and acquisitions, culture is a crucial topic to find alignment on. The pandemic has pushed advisors who were thinking of buying or selling a firm to get off the fence. Mergers and acquisitions, which already were growing in number, will jump dramatically in the future, according to a roundtable of industry leaders that Head of Thrivent Advisor Network, Luke Winskowski, participated in.

As firms assess their opportunities to gain scale and better serve clients through M&A, culture and values alignment are more critical than ever. Luke joined the recent Echelon Partners Deals and Dealmakers webinar series to share his thoughts on developing culture and securing deals that align the head and the heart.

Luke was in great company with Heather Ettinger, Managing Partner of Luma Wealth and CEO and Founder of Fairport Wealth, and Joe Kuo, President, and Managing Partner at Haven Tower Group, for the panel on culture and alignment moderated by Echelon's Carolyn Armitage. The discussion addresses how compensation systems, equity sharing, and incentive programs are combined with qualitative strategies, such as company culture and values, to drive alignment, growth, and success.

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Culture & Alignment: The People Side of Dealmaking