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Video: RIABiz Reporter weighs in on how advisors can generate positive coverage in the media

In our series The Experts Ask we flip the traditional interview model on its head by providing experts a place to share the questions they think advisors should be asking of themselves and the industry.

Today, we are talking to Lisa Shidler, a writer and reporter from RIABiz, about the most commonly asked questions she hears from advisors and what industry topics they want to see covered in industry publications more often. Lisa shared not only what advisors want to read about, but also how to think about getting more coverage for your practice in industry publications.

Lisa tells us, advisors are asking:

Why aren’t there more positive stories about advisors?

Lisa explains that publications are always in search of positive stories and advisor success stories, but one of the challenges is getting advisors to open up and be authentic and vulnerable. We love to read about people who have overcome adversity to achieve success. She encourages readers to think about slip ups they’ve made in the past—growing your business too quickly, or implementing the wrong technology—and be willing to share those mistakes and what you’ve learned on your journey. When the advisor community is helping and supporting each other, the resulting story is always positive.

Why doesn’t the industry press cover the lack of diversity in financial services?

It is no secret that the financial services industry has struggled to increase diversity and that the topic has not been adequately covered in the press. Lisa offers some candid advice: Rather than sending an email to a publication promoting your “diversity training program” or touting your firm’s commitment to diversity, get specific about what you’re doing to drive change. Share real world anecdotes and concrete examples of activities you’re doing that have measurable outcomes. Lisa says reporters are eager to share these stories about how firms are taking steps to address the lack of diversity, and if advisors share compelling examples, they will likely get coverage in the trade publications.

Where are the stories about small advisors?

Lisa advises that small advisors shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to reporters on topics that are impacting your business. If you have insights or an interesting perspective to share on a topic that’s in the headlines frequently – such as ESG investing or regulatory issues – reach out with anecdotes or personal experiences that others might relate to. It might not result in coverage immediately, but reporters sometimes “put them away for a rainy day,” and you never know until you take the first step of reaching their inbox.

Lisa’s full interview is full of additional insights and ideas, you can watch it here.

The Experts Ask Lisa Shidler