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Three marketing questions that all advisors should be asking.

Welcome to our video series The Experts Ask. When given access to an expert in our industry, we typically come to the conversation with prepared questions, hoping to glean any insights from their experience. This series flips that approach on its head and instead provides experts with a place to share the questions they ask or questions that they think advisors should be asking. Today we are talking with Megan Carpenter, CEO and Co-founder of FiComm Partners, a communications agency specializing in the wealth management industry.

Megan's three questions that she thinks advisors should be asking are about defining and creating change for your business.

What change are you trying to create with your marketing?

She explains that marketing is all about creating change, and if you do not achieve that change, then your marketing may not be working. Meg challenges advisors to get specific with their marketing goals and the difference they are trying to create for their clients and prospects.

What business impact or result are you driving towards with your marketing?

Meg takes the idea of creating change a step further and speaks specifically to defining the business impact you are trying to make with your marketing. It is essential to think beyond the vanity metrics usually associated with marketing, such as click-through-rates and impressions. She recommends measuring how marketing drives an impact on business metrics such as revue, new leads, and client satisfaction.

Are you willing to challenge yourself to create that change?

Developing marketing that genuinely impacts and improves your business doesn't happen overnight. Meg challenges advisors to commit themselves to build a thoughtful approach to marketing that is iterative and solves client pain points to drive real change for their businesses.

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Three marketing questions that all advisors should be asking